French cuisine, the chef's way Drouant by Antoine Westermann

This historical Parisian restaurant, founded in 1880, is the headquarters of the famous Goncourt and Renaudot literary prizes. Antoine Westermann became owner and chef in 2006.

Here he expresses his take on French bourgeois cuisine. Drouant celebrates the hors d’oeuvre tradition and uses only seasonal produce. The best of the best without fuss!

Mon Vieil Ami leave the Ile Saint Louis !
Mon Vieil Ami : The Garden Patch Bistro, by Antoine Westermann The Garden Patch Bistro

Antoine Westermann opened this - his first - Parisian address in 2003, in the heart of Ile Saint-Louis. Since then, he has been nurturing his love of vegetables, stews, compotes....

Here, vegetables are on parade, changing with the rhythm of the seasons; recipes are born of their inspiring flavors and versatility. Mon Vieil Ami also offers completely vegetarian meals.

Le Coq Rico, opening in New York SOON !
The bistro of beautiful birds, by Antoine Westermann The Bistro of Beautiful Birds

Antoine Westermann loves sharing his unwavering passion for poultry and brings out all that the farmyard and game birds have to offer in quality, variety and flavor.

Fowl is a world unto itself, its flavor and texture changing depending on the region and the style of farming used. Some fowl are seasonal, sometimes with a very short season, like the goose (from November to December), the duck....

 Champagnes & Delicatessen, by Antoine Westermann Champagne and Delicatessen

You feel like going out to eat, in a nice atmosphere, but not necessarily in a restaurant...maybe just for a snack...

You feel like staying in and having a meal in familiar, cozy surroundings...for two or perhaps for a small, last-minute party...with hors d’oeuvre and a few delicacies.... Add a little bubbly for fun, and that’s the Dégustation’s recipe !